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A Christian Witch?

I am a Christian Witch.  I know what you are thinking.  How can this be?  Isn't that a contradiction?  For me, it is not.  It is very clear and makes perfect sense. 

First you need to understand that when I say that I am a Christian, I am not the kind of Christian you have likely ever heard of.  I follow the teachings of Gnostic Christianity.  For those who are unfamiliar, it is a more metaphysical form of Christianity - one that was branded heretical by the Roman church and all but wiped out nearly two thousand years ago.  

My bible is the Nag Hammadi library found in caves in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945.  I also follow the teachings of the New Testament.  As for the Old Testament - that stuffy tribute to the Jewish warrior god  Yahweh, I look on the texts with amusement. 

In Gnosticism the god of the Old Testament is the Demiurge (which means half-maker).  Gnosticism teaches that the god of the Old Testament did indeed create the Earth and the bodies inhabited by man; however, it was not for the benefit of man that He created them but for His own amusement.  Man was created as His slaves to live their lives at His beck and call.  He made up rules and laws that are impossible for men to follow and then told man that if he did not follow them man was destined for hell.  He told man that He was the only god yet He acknowledges that there are others when He says "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.  You shall have no other gods before me." -- Exodus 20:2-3  If there are no other gods, then to whom was He referring?

The creation story of the Gnostics begins in the Pleroma (or Heaven).  He That Has No Name, The All That Is, The Unknowable God, created Aeons (or spirits) to reside in the Pleroma with "Him".  One of these Aeons was Sophia (also known as Wisdom).  Sophia wanted to imitate the light of the Father but did not consult "Him" and so emmanated from herself a being that was ugly and corrupt.  She tried to hide it and cast it away from the Pleroma.  This being is the demiurge.  He, not knowing His origin, thinks that He is the only god.  He created angels and beings, the earth and man.  But man as He created him was a useless creature having no light.  Sophia felt sorry for Man and cast into him some of her Light and that is the soul.  So now the soul is trapped in the body but we have the promise from Jesus Christ that our souls are capable of leaving the body and returning to the Pleroma to be reunited with the Father - The All That Is.  If we do not discover the light in ourselves (the Kingdom of God) while we are in this incarnation, we are destined to incarnate again into another human form.  We continue this cycle until we receive Gnosis -- knowledge of who we are and where we came from. 

By now you are probably thinking that this sounds a lot like talk from the New Age people.  You are right. 

If this form of Christianity intriques you and picques your interest, I would suggest that you take some time and read some of the texts from the Nag Hammadi library.  To access this library and the most comprehensive Gnostic website there is, click on the link below.

The Gnosis Archive

You may also wonder why I think it's okay to practice magick.  If the demiurge created the earth and Sophia filled it with her light  and then the demiurge admonished men to not practice magick, why do you think that He would do that?
Because He knows that it works. 
By tapping into the energy present on planet Earth you are tapping into the light and power of the Pleroma.   It is a gift from the goddess.  A treasure left for you by Sophia.  The demiurge wants you to rely only on Him for what you want and need.  That way he can choose whether to give it to you or not.  The Father, The All That Is, always wants to give good gifts to His children.  Therefore, if the magick you practise is for good, the Father will bless it.  If it is not for good, it has no blessing and is of the demiurge and therefore left wanting.
While you light the candles, gather the herbs and oils, and recite the prayers, remember that whether or not your magick works may depend on your skills as a magician - but whether or not your magick is good for your soul depends on your relationship with the Father.  It depends on whether or not the light shines within you.  Sure there is black magick and harmful magick, but that is of the demiurge and will not be blessed by the Father or the Son.
Magick is merely prayer with props.  You can perform perfect magick without any tools except your own will and power of visualization.   You don't even have to include any aspects of spirituality or religion in your magick.  But when you do this, it is empty.  Gathering your tools and appreciating the energy flowing within them and visualizating that energy as it soars through the heavens toward you and your tools makes the magick so much more special.  Doing magick for the good of yourself or others is rewarding in that you are helping fellow beings and showing them love.  This is the law of the Father and the Son -- To love.