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Argante's Well
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Tools You Will Use

Some of the tools you can make; others you will have to find around your home or you can purchase at most metaphysical shops. It is perfectly fine to improvise. No one should see your tools but you and the intimate friends or family you may invite to join you in ritual. Many household items can double as magickal tools. Just be sure that once you have consecreted an item for ritual use, you don't use it for household stuff anymore.


This can be a round disc with a pentacle on it like mine, or it can be a decorated piece of ceramic tile, or even a decorative plate. It should be flat and able to hold the Chalice or a small plate of bread.


The Cauldron can be purchased at a metaphysical shop, or it can also be a small bowl or a good sized sea shell. It should be fire-proof as you will sometimes burn paper or herbs in it, and it should be large enough to hold a small candle as you may burn a candle in it from time to time. Mine is a small cast iron cauldron about four inches in diameter.


The Censor is used for burning loose incense. There are powdered incense recipes on the Recipe page that you can blend and burn. If you prefer, you can also use stick or cone incense and if you choose to use these, choose an appropriate burner. Ideally, you will have the Censor and it should have chains attached so you can lift it and move it about while the incense burns. When using a Censor, it will also be necessary to purchase charcoal blocks for use in it. You will place the incense on the blocks for it to burn.


There are many choices available in acquiring a Chalice. You can purchase a nice silver one with engraving on it, or you can use an old wine glass or cup. Anything you can drink from will do. If you choose a silver one, be sure that you only put water in it, as wine will discolor it.


The Bell can be of any size: Brass, Glass, Silver, or Ceramic.


The Dishes you use can be made of any material: brass, silver, glass, stone, ceramic, whatever. You will need at least two. One will hold Crystals, rocks, dirt, sand or herbs to represent the Earth element. The other will hold your loose powdered incense to represent the Air element. You may use other dishes to hold your rosary or prayer beads or the bread when you partake of the bread and wine.


You can purchase wands, but it is better if you make your own. To make the wand, choose a small branch from a tree (one that has fallen from the tree - do not damage a tree to get a branch). Decorate the branch with leather, ribbons, crystals or stones, or anything else you wish. You will use the wand for meditation and magick.


The Athame is a knife. Some people use a dagger type blade; others prefer a regular single edged blade. The Athame is used to direct power, to cut or chop herbs, and to cut or engrave names or symbols on candles or other magickal tools. It is never used for harm. Do not leave your Athame out on your Altar if children or the elderly are in the home. Do not use your Athame for any other purpose except work at your Altar.


The Staff is a walking stick and may be purchased or made. If purchasing one, choose a hiker's walking stick made of wood. If making your own, choose a rather large branch that has fallen from a tree, peel off the bark and let it cure or dry out for at least a month. Decorate it with leather strips, bells, stones, carvings, etc. You will take your staff with you on nature walks and when working or doing ritual outdoors.


For the Altar you will need four archangel candles; one each in green, yellow, red and blue. These may be tapers, votives, or the candles that come in small glass jars. You will need a white guardian angel candle, and it too, may be of any type. If you do the god/father and goddess/mother candles, you will need two white, one yellow, one green, one red and one black. I use votive candles in small holders for these, but you can choose whatever type suits you.

You will also need a small supply for prayers and spellworking. Look on the Candle Burning page to determine what colors you will need. I would keep at least two of each color on hand as you never know when the need to burn a candle will arise. I use the four inch meditation/spell candles for this, but you can use any type of candle you can find.


You can make your own Holy Water. Place fresh water into a bottle or vial. Add some salt for purification. Place the vial on the Pentacle Disc or Altar Tile and ask God to bless it for you. It is done.