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How is the Gnostic Rosary prayed?

See the next page of this site "The Prayer Book" for the "Hail Sophia" and other prayers mentioned here.
Make the Sign of the Cross and say:
In the name of the Unknown Father, in Truth, Mother of all, in union and redemption and sharing of the powers, peace to all on whom this name reposes.
On the Crucifix, say The Gnostic's Creed
On the First Bead, say The Gnostic's Prayer
On the next 3 beads say, the Hail Sophia
On the Next Bead, say The Gnostic's Prayer
On the center piece say the Glori Patri
On each of the next 10 beads, say the Hail Sophia
On the single bead, say The Gnostic's Prayer and meditate on the first mystery
repeat 4 times, meditating on the next 4 mysteries after The Gnostic's Prayer
end with the Glori Patri
First Mystery:  The Assumption of Sophia
Second Mystery:  The Coronation of Sophia
Third Mystery:  The Renunciation
Fourth Mystery:  The Bride Chamber
Fifth Mystery:  The Descent of the New Jerusalem