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Argante's Well
The Magickal Potions
The Christian Witch
The Pantheon
The Bible & Witchcraft
The Catholic Church & Witchcraft
The Home Altar
The Gnostic Creed
The Gnostic's Prayer
The Gnostic Rosary
The Prayer Book
The Basic Ritual
The Rituals
The Sabbats
The Esbats
The Moons
The Pagan Deities
The Angels
The Saints
The Animals As Guides
The Magickal Tools
The Magickal Candles
The Magickal Herbs
The Magickal Oils
The Magickal Crystals
The Magickal Potions
The Magickal Spells
The Discourse
The Links

Click on the name of the item you want a recipe for.

Magickal Incense

Magickal Oils

Magickal Powders

Magickal Sachets

Magickal Mixes

You can purchase some of these items already ritually blended at Magickal Moments.  Just click on the banner below to check it out.