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Argante's Well
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Festival of the Vine

Mabon - Autumn Equinox
September 21
At Alban Elved, day and night are at equal length.  It is a time for finishing the business of Summer.  The Green Man is honored for his gifts and outdoor shrines for fairies and elementals can be made.  This is the Last Season that Lugh or Jesus will be with us, so it is a more solemn celebration.  This is the time of the Last Supper where the finest clothes are worn and the best dishes set out on the table.  Music is played, stories are told, and toasts are made with new wine.  The goddess joins us in her crone aspect as Cerridwen or Sophia.   

Pagan Deities: Cerridwen - Lugh
Colors:  Orange, Russet, Maroon

Customs: Harvest Feast, Harvesting Crops, Wine Making, Fishing

Symbols: Grape Cluster/Vine, Corn Bundles, Fish, Cornucopia, Gourds

Sacred Foods: Red Wine, Wild Game, Vine Vegetables, Rich Breads and Cakes, Stews
Herbs:  Acorns, Berries, Fern, Grains, Honeysuckle, Calendula, Myrrh, Passion Flower, Rose, Sage, Thistle, Vegetables, Mugwort, Iris