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Flower Festival
Beltane - May Eve

May 1
Beltane marks the start of the light half of the year.  Our child-god Lugh or Yeshua continues to grow and we are again reminded of his re-birth into a new life.  Hearth fires are rekindled and cakes are baked to be served with cold cider.  All of the Elements are honored:  the marriage of Earth and Sky, the life-giving Waters, and the purifying and protecting Fire.  A May King and Queen are selected to represent Beli or The All That Is and Boand or Sophia.  There is singing, dancing and feasting around the maypole which symbolizes the union of god and goddess.  This is a time of great fertility of both man and earth.  Festivities continue through the night.  At Sunrise, left over food and drink are given to the Guardian Spirits who will watch over the Son Lugh or Jesus.  Garlands of flowers may be thrown into the sea to insure good fishing of both sea creatures and men.  A quiet walk in meditation and reflection along a nature trail or in a quiet place in the evening marks the close of this Sabbat.

Pagan Deities: Beli - Boand - Lugh
Colors:  Red and White 

Customs: May Pole, Gathering Flowers, Wearing Green, Fire Calling, Feasting, Making Merry

Symbols: May Pole, Daffodils, Bright Colors, Smiling Sun

Sacred Foods: Sweets and Sugar Products, Cakes, Cookies, Fruit, No Meat
Herbs:  Almond, Clover, Frankincense, Hawthorn, Ivy, Calendula, Meadowsweet, Rose, Heather.