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Rebirth of the Sun

Alban Arthuan ~ Midwinter ~ Yule ~ Winter Solstice
December 21
Alban Arthuan is one of the happiest times of the year.  After the darkness of Samhain, the spark is ignited and with it comes the awareness that all is not dead, but will soon start anew.  The Sabbat begins at Sunset with the lighting of a great bonfire.  Yule logs are gathered and decorated with the greenery of the season:  holly, ivy, mistletoe and pine.  The greenery is carried on into the home as a symbol of immortality.  Poinsettias in deep red color symbolize the beauty of the goddess as she accepts the spark of the god and conceives the child who will be their son.  Cloves are stuck into Oranges symbolizing the union, and these wonderfully scented gems are hung in the home for their scent and for remembrance.  A sprig of holly is placed on the altar or on the mantle and symbolizes good luck.  Stalks of wheat are tied and stacked against the home to symbolize the seed that the goddess now carries within her.  The seed within her will grow into the son for nourishment of our spirits, while the seed of the wheat will grow into bread for the nourishment of our bodies.  A dinner feast is prepared for celebration and will include red meat, root vegetables, cakes and cider.  A tree is brought into the house and decorated with color and light and should remain lit until the Sunrise when it is appropriate to go outside and watch the Sun rise above the horizon while thinking of the union of the Dagda and Brigit or The All That Is and Sophia.  Prayers should be said at this time and meditations on releasing and resolving negative feelings and past mistakes dominate the morning.  The seed has been planted - the spark lives - it is time to rejoice! 

Pagan Deities: the Dagda - Brigit - Lugh

Colors:  Red, Green and White
Customs: Yule Logs, Christmas Trees, Holly & Ivy, Kissing Under Mistletoe, Needfire at Dawn Vigil, Bell Ringing, Sleigh Bells, Santa

Symbols: Yule Tree, Pine Branches, Stag Horns, Reindeer, Mistletoe

Sacred Foods: White Wine, White Cakes, Bitter Herbs, Mints
Herbs:  Ash, Bay, Blessed Thistle, Chamomile, Frankincense, Holly, Juniper, Mistletoe, Pine, Cedar, Sandalwood, and Mint.