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Before beginning this ritual place at the Altar some Lughnassadh incense, a small plate of Bread, and a Chalice of Wine.

Open the ritual using the Basic Ritual opening. Set the plate of Bread on the Altar Tile. Stand still and breathe deeply for a few moments. Concentrate upon the cleansing power of the breath and air. When you feel ready, Say:

I have purified myself by breathing in the life force of the universe and expelling all evil from me.

Put some Lughnassadh incense on the burner. Lift the plate of Bread high, then put it back on the Altar Tile and say:

I know that every seed; every grain is a record of ancient times, and a promise to all of what shall be. This Bread represents life eternal through the cauldron of the Goddess.

Eat a piece of the Bread. Put the Chalice of Wine on the Altar Tile. Hold hight the Wine Chalice, then set it back on the Altar and Say:

As the grape undergoes change to become wine, so by the sacred cauldron of life shall I undergo change. And as this wine can give man enchantment of the divine or sink him into the lower realms, so I do realize that all humans rise or fall according to their strength and will.

Drink the Wine and Say:

As in the Bread and Wine, so it is with me. Within all forms is locked a record of the past and a promise of the future. I ask that You lay Your blessings upon me, O Lord,
that this season of waning light and increasing darkness may not be heavy. So mote it be.

Say any prayers or do any spellwork, then close the ritual using the Basic Ritual closing. It is done