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Argante's Well
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Before beginning this ritual, place some Midsummer incense, your Vial of Holy Water, and a Chalice of Wine at the Altar.

Open the ritual using the Basic Ritual opening. Place the Vial of Holy Water inside of the Cauldron and Say:

Great Mother, bless this water, I do ask. Great One of the stars, spinner of fate, I give honor to You, and call upon You in Your ancient names, known and unknown.

Add some Midsummer incense on the burner and Say:

Mighty God, God of fertility and plenty, be with me now, I do ask. I give honor to You, and call upon You in Your ancient names, known and unknown.

Take up the Vial of Holy Water and Say:

This is the sacred cauldron water of the Goddess. The touch of its consecrated water blesses and renews, even as the rays of the sun nourish and bless all life.

Put some of the water on your forefinger and trace a cross on your forehead, then Say:

I will serve God, Son and Goddess --- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am their child, a stone of the ancient circle, standing firmly balanced upon the Earth, yet open to the winds of heaven, and enduring through time. May all who hear witness my words.

Place the Wine Chalice on the Altar Tile for a few moments, then lift it high and Say:

Honor and glory to God! Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!

Drink the Wine. Say any other prayers or do any other spellwork, then close the ritual using the Basic Ritual closing. It is done.