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Argante's Well
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Before beginning this ritual, place the following items at the Altar: Alban Eiler incense, a Pen, a piece of Paper, and a Chalice of Wine.

Open the ritual using the Basic Ritual opening.

Take up the Wand and raise your arms in greeting and Say:

Behold, the Lord and Lady of life and the giver of life! Each is needful of the other for completion and power, as Sun to Earth, Spear to Cauldron, Spirit to Flesh, Man to Woman.

Put some Alban Eiler incense on the burner and Say:

May the strength of the old enter into the new. Great Lord and Lady, make all things strong and giving of new life. Blessed Be!

Put some Alban Eiler incense on the burner and Say:

Awake! All creatures in the realm of earth, Awake!

Put some Alban Eiler incense on the burner and Say:

Now I cast behind me the darkness of Winter and the past. I look only to that which lies ahead. This is the time for me to plant seeds in the physical, mental, and spiritual.

On the piece of Paper, write your desires for the coming year. Fold the paper and hold it up over the Altar as an offering and say:

This is a joyous time, a time for planting. With joy and trust, I place these requests in the hands of God.

Light the Paper and put it in the Cauldron to burn and Say:

These thought-seeds do I willingly place into the hands of God that these desires and dreams may manifest and become reality. Blessed Be the Father!

Place the Wine Chalice on the Altar Tile for a few moments, then lift it high and Say:

Honor to God and Goddess! Merry meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!

Drink the Wine. Do any other prayers or spellwork. Close the Ritual using the Basic Ritual closing.