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Before beginning this ritual, place some Imbolc incense and a Chalice of Wine on the Altar.

Start the ritual using the opening in the Basic Ritual.

After ritual opening, put some Imbolc incense on the burner and say:

Mother Earth stirs from her long slumber. The fields and forests hear her whisper to awake. The creatures of her realms answer her summons. Everything waits in anticipation for Spring.

Tap the Altar three times gently with the Wand and Say:

This is the festival of the Maiden who gives to all the breath of life. This is a time of waxing light and receding darkness. This is the season of purification, a renewing of life. At this time and in this place between the worlds, I come into the presence of the Lord and Lady, that I may gain wise and truthful counsel.

Observe a moment of silence while you ask the God and Goddess for inspiration and guidance for the future. Tap the Altar again gently three times with the Wand and Say:

O Ancient Ones, I know my life-path is within Your keeping. Only with Your help and guidance can I hope to avoid any pitfalls and reach my destination safely.

Put some more Imbolc incense on the burner and Say:

I salute the glorious Maiden, preparer of new life out of darkness. This is Her season of the year-wheel when She spreads Her blessings over the land.

Put some more Imbolc incense on the burner and Say:

Behold, the Lord caresses the dreaming Earth. As there is a renewal within the plants and animals, so should there be renewal in my life.

Place the Chalice of Wine on the Altar Tile for a few moments, then lift it high and Say:

Make my life fertile with insight, good health, prosperity and magickal power. Honor to God!

Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!

Drink the Wine. Do any other prayers or spellwork. Close the ritual using the Basic Ritual closing.