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Before beginning the ritual you will need to place at the altar, a small plate containing a piece of bread and some salt, and a chalice or glass of wine.

See BASIC RITUAL page for instructions on opening and closing the ritual. When the ritual has been opened and you are ready to begin, face the Altar and say:

This is the night of the Feast of the Dead, the night of the wheel-turning year that brings us to the thin veil. The gates between the worlds stand open this night. I honor my ancestors whose voices come to me on the whispering wind. All those who wish me well are welcomed here.

Place the plate of Bread with the Salt on the Altar Tile and say:

This is Ancestor night, the night strongest for communication with those gone to the Otherworld; those who now dwell in the presence of God. The veil has been lifted that I may know that I am not forgotten. All those who wish me well are welcomed here.

Lift the plate up over the Altar and say:

I ask all of those who have gathered here to join me in this feast.

Dip the Bread into the Salt and eat it. Then say:

May I always have good health, prosperity and happiness.

Set the plate aside and place the Chalice on the Altar Tile for a moment. Lift the Chalice and say:

May I always be strong in body, mind and spirit. To my ancestors! Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!

Drink from the Chalice, place it back on the Altar Tile and say:

The year wheel has turned; the harvest has come again. I have sown many thought sees since last Samhain. Let the good be harvested; let those that would hinder or harm me be cast aside. The Lord has covered me with His gentle hands, protected me with His sword, guided my steps, heard my desires. For this I give Him honor and love.

Tap the Altar Tile gently with the Wand and Say:

Give me clear knowledge of the path I must follow. Hear my desires, O Great One! Guide and protect me. Lead me to greater knowledge and fulfillment! All love and honor to the Lord! Blessed Be!