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Argante's Well
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Prior to beginning the ritual, place an Astral Candle* representing the participant on the Altar. Open the ritual using the Basic Ritual opening. When opening is complete, address the Altar saying:

Lord, we welcome You to this circle. In this sacred space we present to you (name). We ask Your blessings upon him/her now as he/she dedicates his/her life to You.

To the participant ask the following questions, giving him/her time to answer each before proceeding to the next.

(Name), are you ready to stand here, in this sacred space before us and before God, and to declare openly your choice of this lifepath, discarding your old life and beginning a new one?

( Name), I give you blessings of strength, perseverance, and truthfulness. I bestow upon you the qualities of love, kindness and mercy. I bequeath you knowledge, loyalty and wisdom. Blessed Be!

Take some Holy Water and put it to the participants head and say:

I baptize you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The participant will then light his/her Astral Candle*, face the people and say:

I stand before you, sure and steadfast in my desire to dedicate my life to God and to serve Him. I seek knowledge in the light, and revelation in the darkness. As I step from darkness to light, bless, guide and guard me in my never-ending quest for understanding. As my feet walk in your ways, may they remain steadfast in their honor of God and all that my chosen spirituality symbolizes.

Then say to the participant:

Bright Blessings upon you sister/brother (name). May you never hunger and never thirst. Will you now close our ritual for us?

Allow the participant to close the ritual using the Basic Ritual closing. When it is done, address the people, saying:

I present to you sister/brother (name). Welcome her/him into our circle.

It is done.